Breaking: Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Perry Johnson Meets With President Trump, Announces Release of Major Plan For Quality&Secure Elections

Michigan Republican Gubernatorial candidate Perry Johnson announced Wednesday that he is releasing a major plan to make sure Michigan’s elections are secure, trusted, and the quality of how they are administered is drastically improved.

Johnson is challenging other candidates for Governor to collect at least 5,000 petitions for the “Secure MI Vote” ballot campaign effort. Johnson also said he is running TV, Digital, and Radio ads on the topic of securing our elections, as well as support for mandatory Photo ID to vote.

Johnson, the “Quality Guru” and Conservative, Trump Republican who helped revolutionize America’s auto industry in the 80’s, has turned the Michigan Governor’s race upside down since the launch of his extremely successful Super Bowl ad campaign last month.

Johnson’s announcement comes after he met with President Trump Tuesday evening at Mar-a-Lago. He says “quality elections are secure elections,” and supports mandatory photo ID.

“I enjoyed talking with President Trump yesterday and appreciated the warm welcome on stage. We share a concern about election security and I am going to work hard to solve the problem,” Johnson said. “Michiganders have lost faith in the election system. One of the most important things we can do to improve the quality of state government is to improve the quality of our elections. Quality elections means secure elections. I will be releasing a detailed plan next week that will help make mandatory photo ID a reality and finally start holding jurisdictions such as Detroit accountable for their election irregularities.” 

Johnson said it’s time to stop the rampant fraud in Michigan elections with real audits, and more accountability for elections officials—including criminal charges, like the Southfield Clerk case.

“The days of inaccurate poll books and refusal to participate in post-election audits are over. Simply put: we are going to hold Detroit or any other jurisdiction accountable for failure to have accurate poll books, and/or refusal to comply with audits,” Johnson said. “Anyone who questions whether there is serious fraud in elections should follow the trial of the Southfield Clerk for election fraud and the Center Line nursing home worker who went to jail. Lt Governor Garlin Gilchrist said it best when he referred to an election in Detroit as a “complete catastrophe.”

Michigan Republican Party Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock praised Johnson’s efforts.

“Great work Perry!  It was great to speak privately with President Trump and Perry Johnson yesterday,” Maddock said on Twitter Wednesday. “All of us know how important election integrity is and we thank Perry for everything he is doing to secure our elections!”

Johnson appeared next to President Trump Tuesday at Mar-a-Lago during a fundraiser for Michigan Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno.

Trump joked whether or not to allow another candidate in the race to replace Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Ryan Kelley, on stage with him and Perry.

“Sure, Come on up, Perry won’t mind,” President Trump said.