Shift in Hispanic voting to GOP

Jen Salinas, Vice President of Latinos 4 Trump
Jen Salinas, Vice President of Latinos 4 Trump

The shift of Hispanic voters to the GOP is continuing in Texas.

Early voting data is showing that Republicans are surpassing Democrats in two Hispanic counties on the Texas border. It is believed that this trend is indictive of the rest of the state.

Fox News reports that areas that have predominately won Democrat are now showing signs of strong support for Republican politicians.

Ben Armenta, Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner told Fox News, “I’ve spent a lot of time in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy and all the counties in the valley, and there has just been a very different vibe with Republican voters.”

He further explains that reasons for the shift are “issues that are impacting their pocket book, their schools, the crime in their neighborhoods,” and that there has been no change for the better since Biden has taken office.

Concerns also include illegal immigration and securing the southern border.

Immigration attorney, and a spokesman for Hispanic Republicans of Texas, told Fox News, “Drugs are coming across the border, cartels are using migrants to flood the border in a way where everybody is bogged down with them and everyone else runs across it… We’re living that down there, so when we hear that everything is fine on the border and we don’t need a border wall anymore, it’s just at odds with what people are living down there. That has kind of turbocharged the movement that was already happening with the way that Democrats have changed over the past few years.”

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