MIGOV Ad Watch: Tudor Dixon PAC Blasts Whitmer’s Dream Candidate Kevin Rinke For Stunning Racial And Sexual Harassment Settlements, Rinke Considers Going Negative


Strong Michigan, the Super PAC backing Tudor Dixon for Governor of Michigan, released a powerful new ad this week hammering Republican primary opponent Kevin Rinke over court settlements he made regarding stunning instances of racial and sexual harrasment.

Rinke, a wealthy ex car dealership mogul from Metro Detroit, settled multiple lawsuits with employees detailing repeated incidents of horrendous racial and sexual harassment.

The ad says Rinke’s past drama will make him a sitting duck for attacks from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.


How will Rinke respond? Evidently, he’s thinking about going negative.

In a video obtained by Conservative Intel, Rinke refused to commit to avoiding a nasty campaign against fellow Republicans that would help do Gretchen Whitmer’s dirty work.

Rinke says he “plans” to run a positive campaign, but refuses to make a pledge to voters to do so:

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