NEW AD ALERT: Pure Whitmer

The Michigan Republican Party has just launched a new ad blasting Governor Whitmer for her hypocrisy when it comes to coronavirus policies. She has implemented some of the most aggressive restrictions in the nation, but has broken her own rules on multiple occasions. 

The ad is a play on the well-known “Pure Michigan” campaign. It hits on how Michiganders all did their part during the pandemic to stay home and protect the people around us, unless you’re the governor or a member of her administration.

Everyone did their part, unless…

You were the Governor of Michigan. Then you were able to see family in Florida, get caught and then lie about it.


You are a top aide in the Governor’s office handling the vaccine rollout, and were able to get to Florida for a girls trip all while managing to miss a deadline for 360,000 more vaccine doses.


You are the Governor’s Public Health Director and free to travel to sunny Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The ad hits a nerve and articulates what so many Michiganders have been feeling over the course of the last year.

Not only has the governor implemented some of the most restrictive coronavirus policies in the nation, she’s not even willing to follow them herself and lead by example.  

The Michigan GOP has gone live with a five-figure ad campaign.

They are also asking for donations to keep that ad going for as long as possible. You can CLICK HERE to donate.