Florida keeps exposing Far Left’s lockdown lies

The United States continues to battle the double-edged sword of pandemic and economic recession in 2021. For all the hoopla surrounding Joe Biden’s ability to control the pandemic, he is just as helpless in stopping the virus as Donald Trump was. While all Americans are dealing with the effects of the pandemic, one state seems to have found a path forward: Florida.

Florida diverged from the rest of the U.S. in maintaining a statewide lockdown starting in September. Governor Ron DeSantis ordered that businesses be allowed to open at full capacity if they wanted and also ordered that local governments couldn’t fine businesses for not complying with mask mandates.

Perhaps the most controversial, Florida schools remained open against CDC guidance. However, Florida was again proven right for this move. No major outbreaks tied to schools have been reported as of now and Gov. DeSantis called the CDC guidelines a “disgrace” for leaving children behind when they could safely go to school and receive their schooling in person.

The liberal media criticized Florida’s vaccine rollout just as it was starting for giving seniors priority access and opening vaccines to anyone when there are leftovers. Yet again, Florida proved the Far Left wrong by vaccinating its population just as quickly as other states. The hysterics never stop with the Left when people don’t do everything they say.

The Far Left continues its insistence that Covid-19 must be contained with strict lockdowns, nationwide mask mandates, business closures, and government-controlled vaccinations. Florida and its conservative governor decided to fight back against the increasingly anti-science Far Left by allowing people to make decisions for themselves and their families instead of forcing restrictions down their throat. So far, Florida has been right.

Be sure that Conservative Intel will continue to expose the Far Left’s hypocrisy as America starts to open up!