Leftist CA Governor Faces Covid Revolt

California governor Gavin Newsom was once the darling of the Far Left. Elected to the liberal state’s highest office in 2018, many Democrats saw him as the party’s future: young, well-connected, and leader of the most populous state in the Union. In 2021, Newsom faces a bipartisan revolt for his hypocrisy, political favoritism, and destruction of small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Early in the pandemic, Gov. Newsom ordered California businesses and public spaces closed before any other state. The move seemed wise at the time, but as the year wore on it was clear the governor’s orders were too strict. By the end of 2020, tens of thousands of businesses were closed for good and workers cried for relief from the lockdown.

While businesses struggled for survival, reports showed that Newsom and his liberal cronies were playing favorites with who could and could not operate their businesses. This effectively chose winners and losers in the pandemic economy. This Los Angeles area woman documented the hypocrisy that allowed powerful movie studios to operate while her small restaurant was prohibited from operating outdoor dining:

Then came the bombshell report that Gov. Newsom attended a swanky birthday party for a lobbyist – without a mask and over the gathering limit he had ordered. There was no hiding from this blatant hypocrisy but Newsom lied and said the party was held outdoors when pictures and witness testimony showed it was not:

“Taken at 11/6/2020 at 6:20pm with a location tag at The French Laundry”, @BillFOXLA

Californians of all political affiliations were not amused by this dishonesty. A recall effort to remove Gov. Newsom started and has since gained momentum. Organizers will need 1.5 million signatures by March 17 to qualify for the ballot and currently have 1.3 million, leaving a manageable deficit with a month left.

Gavin Newson was once the rising star of an increasingly Leftist Democratic party. His mishandling of the Covid pandemic and destruction of California small businesses has destroyed that reputation. The political world will be focusing on this key race as it may show voters are fed up with the Far Left’s hypocrisy and destruction of small business during the pandemic. As the deadline for the recall petition approaches, Conservative Intel will keep you informed of the latest updates!