Democratic Front Group “With Honor” Getting Involved in GOP Primaries

    Mandel Ngan | AFP | Getty Images

    These last few weeks we’ve seen that the Democrats will literally do or say anything to take down President Trump. Their impeachment charade has gone nowhere, but they refuse to let it go.

    In 2020, not only will we see them work to elect Democrats, but they’re also gearing up to get involved in Republican Primaries.

    With Honor PAC claims to be a bi-partisan organization that supports veterans running for Congress. However, the organization has been funded largely by wealthy liberal donors. Center for Responsive Politics and its website Open Secrets shows the massive amounts of money they gave.

    It was bankrolled by CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos who made a contribution of over $10 million. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg also made large donations.

    Bezos, Schultz, Bloomberg and other liberals donated to With Honor which supported 30 Democrats across the country in 2018 to help elect Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. A total of $123,758 was given to Democratic campaigns according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

    They also have contributed to Nancy Pelosi for Congress, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and pro-abortion group Emily’s List.

    They call themselves bi-partisan so they can focus on electing Republicans who will ultimately work with Democrats in Congress. Otherwise, why would Bezos, Schultz, and Bloomberg fund it?

    One example is Peter Meijer, who served on the board of With Honor in 2018 and is now a candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd District which is currently represented by Justin Amash.

    Following his announcement, Breitbart exposed Meijer for supporting liberal causes and working against conservatives and President Trump.

    It surprised many pundits and activists in Michigan that Meijer would be running as a Republican after it came out that he had a Twitter account full of anti-Trump tweets and even donated to an organization in 2016 specifically formed to defeat President Trump.

    Meijer embodies With Honor’s ideal candidate to get behind. They will look to support moderate GOP candidates they believe will work with Pelosi and the Democrats. With the backing of some of the most wealthy and influential liberals in the country, the organization could make a real impact on the 2020 election.