Trump Republican Rick Scott Tied With Liberal Incumbent Bill Nelson In $121 Million Florida Senate Race

Florida Governor Rick Scott is well positioned to defeat liberal, Democrat incumbent Senator Bill Nelson, a new poll shows.

The two are tied at 49% and $121 million has already been spent.

Scott has completely erased Nelson’s 4% lead from earlier this year.

According to Politico:

“The nation’s most-expensive Senate race is a dead-even tie between Florida Sen. Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

The 49 – 49 percent race shows how Scott has narrowed a 4-point deficit since Quinnipiac last surveyed the race in February, but the results suggest that the three-term Democratic senator has so far weathered a storm of negative ads after Scott and Republican groups outspent Nelson and Democrats on TV ads by $30 million to $12 million as of mid-August.

Since Tuesday’s primary, however, Nelson’s camp has started to narrow the gap with Scott on TV. Democrats have recently placed about $55.4 million total on air in the biggest swing state, compared to $66.3 million from Republicans. TV ad spending is a must in a state as large and as competitive as Florida, which has 10 major media markets and can cost upward of $3 million weekly to advertise. So the cumulative $121 million in ad spending to date is set to grow significantly.”