Career Politician’s Attacks On Trump Conservative Lena Epstein Fall Flat

Lena Epstein

Establishment State Rep. Klint Kesto has gone negative in the race to replace David Trott in Michigan’s 11th District.

Trailing in the polls, Kesto has focused his attacks on the front runners in the race, business owner and 2016 Trump Michigan Co-Chair Lena Epstein, as well as businessman and Veteran Rocky Racczkowski.

Kesto’s attacks and lies about Epstein in particular have been egregious. 

Kesto attacks Epstein as a carpetbagger, yet she lives just blocks from the district boundaries. Her house is up for sale, she has been unable to finish moving into the district after giving birth last fall and attending to her child while running a business and a campaign.

Kesto outrageously insinuated Epstein was abandoning at risk kids as part of her work with the Governor’s Child Abuse Neglect Board, yet Epstein in fact attended via conference call when she was pregnant, and while helping to run the Trump campaign as Co-Chair.

Jacob Daniels, Chief of Staff for President Trump’s Michigan campaign, says Epstein is a strong Trump conservative well suited to represent the 11th District in Washington DC.

“I have seen firsthand Lena Epstein’s dedication to President Trump, as well as her commitment to conservative values,” Daniels said. “Lena never wavered in supporting President Trump, and I know she will never back down fighting for her constituents against the Washington DC swamp.”

Daniels says Kesto is desperate.

“Klint Kesto is a desperate, establishment politician trailing in the polls,” Daniels said. “Kesto has no real solutions to offer, so he chooses to lie about a strong Trump conservative like Lena. It’s pathetic.”

The Southeast Michigan area district is one of the most watched primary races in the state.