Michigan US Senate Debate Reveals Sandy Pensler Backed President Trump In 2016 Primary, John James Did Not

Sandy Pensler

The debate between Sandy Pensler and John James this morning revealed strong differences between the two candidates seeking the Republican nomination for US Senate, including the fact that Pensler supported President Trump in the 2016 primary while James did not.

Instead, James backed Ted Cruz.

The debate, which Pensler helped arrange, was moderated by Lansing political reporter Tim Skubick.
James also came under fire for refusing to support the death penalty, while Pensler says he supports executing vicious criminals who commit evil acts.

The faceoff was fierce from the beginning, with James and Pensler sparring over abortion.
Pensler pointed out he has the exact same views as President Trump after an attempt by James to use Pensler’s support of exceptions in the cases of rape and incest against him.

Like Trump, Pensler had pro choice views nearly 30 years ago when he ran for Congress, but became pro life over 20 years ago after the birth of his son.
Another issue that caused controversy was a $500 donation James made to a liberal Detroit Democrat who supports sanctuary cities.
Pensler pointed out it’s the only time James has ever given money to a politician. The donation has been featured in Pensler TV ads across the state, and James didn’t help himself by accidentally sending out a mailer saying he will “defend sanctuary cities.”.

Pensler leads James in every poll of the race, most by around 15%.

Pensler consultant John Yob says James is desperate and now resorting to repeating talking points.

“John James is unable to defend his support for the pro-choice liberal who is trying to make Detroit a sanctuary city, and admitted in the debate that he did not vote for Donald J Trump in the Michigan Primary,” Yob said in a press release.

“It also showed that James is weak on capital punishment and Sandy Pensler is the only candidate willing to hold cop killers and other gruesome criminals truly accountable.

Yob says James is desperate and resorting to repeating talking points.

“Sandy Pensler is a strong supporter of President Trump and voted for him in the March Primary and General Election. He stands strong with President Trump against sanctuary cities. This debate showed that John James has become desperate now that he is down almost 20 points and his talking points and memorized lines don’t stand up to scrutiny.”

The election is August 7th, the winner faces liberal Sen. Debbie Stabenow in November.