Michigan Republican Senate Candidate John James Says He’ll Defend Sanctuary Cities In Controversial Mailer

John James (Jack Crowe DCNF)

John James was already in the hot seat for donating to a Detroit liberal leading the fight for sanctuary cities, now a mailer he just sent to voters saying he will “defend sanctuary cities” couldn’t have come at a worse time, especially as absentee ballots have just arrived for most voters.

James, an Iraq Vet who helps runs his family’s small business, is running for the Republican nomination for the US Senate against businessman Sandy Pensler. Pensler specializes in turning around companies on the brink of bankruptcy.

James claims the mailer was a mistake, he meant to say “defund,” not “defend.” That’s definitely not the kind of typo you want going out to tens of thousands of people.

Liberal Democrat Debbie Stabenow is waiting in the wings for whoever ends up winning, and she is extremely well funded, sitting with nearly $10 million in the bank already.

Pensler has given himself $5 million, while James has raised around $2 million.

Pensler leads James by double digits in the latest poll of the race released last week, though nearly half of voters are still undecided.

Pensler and James will face off in a debate on July 6th, voters will decide between the two at the polls on August 7th.