Breaking: Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Leader Resigns From DNC After Allegedly Assaulting His Wife

The man who ran Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign in Puerto Rico has resigned his post at the DNC after he was charged with domestic violence for attacking his wife.

Don’t expect to hear about this on TV…

According to Politico:

“Puerto Rico-based consultant Francisco Domenech resigned from his seat on the Democratic National Committee on Friday after his arrest earlier this week on domestic violence charges.

Domenech, who served as a co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s national finance council during the 2016 election, also managed Republican Jenniffer González-Colón’s winning campaign that year to become Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner and nonvoting congressional representative. González-Colón distanced herself from Domenech this week after reports surfaced of his arrest for alleged physical violence against his wife, who works part time in the resident commissioner’s office.


Domenech’s ties to Hillary Clinton date back to her first presidential run in 2008, when he served as her deputy campaign manager for the Puerto Rico primary. He later managed her Puerto Rico campaign in 2016.”