Conservative Tom Leonard Proven Right As Desperate Tonya Schuitmaker’s Common Core Lies Exposed By Bridge Magazine In Michigan Attorney General Race

Tonya Schuitmaker

If Tonya Schuitmaker thought she could win the nomination for Attorney General by lying to delegates about Tom Leonard’s voting record, she better think again.

Tom Leonard, the conservative Michigan Speaker of the House, adamantly opposes Common Core and always has.

That’s not what Schuitmaker would have you believe.

Tom Leonard (Freep)

Schuitmaker has recently embarked on a propaganda campaign that would make CNN and Tokyo Rose proud, completely distorting the truth about her past support for Common Core and Leonard’s consistent opposition.

Schuitmaker’s claims were so absurd, Michigan based publication Bridge Magazine, recently called her out for false statements as a part of their “truth squad” series.

Here’s an excerpt:

“In a campaign video, Schuitmaker accuses Leonard of not doing enough in the Legislature to get rid of it; for being, in her words, “all hat and no cattle.”

It’s a curious charge, given that it was Schuitmaker (not Leonard) who had backed legislation that funded Common Core in 2013. We find her claim false…

Schuitmaker’s claim that Leonard is “all hat and no cattle” falls short on the merits, in addition to being galling in its hypocrisy.

Her campaign video calls attention to the most relevant vote on the matter – legislation in 2013 to fund Common Core.

Leonard voted against it in the House in its original version. Schuitmaker’s ad fails to mention that she expressed support for a similar measure that passed in the Senate…

And it was Schuitmaker, as Senate pro tempore, who presided over the voice vote and gaveled in the funding law’s passage.

In a report at the time, Lansing political news site MIRS said it reached out to all 26 GOP state Senators in office then and asked how they would have voted had a roll call vote been taken. Five Republicans, including Schuitmaker, told MIRS they would have voted “yes.”

We need higher standards to compete on a world stage,” Schuitmaker told a local newspaper at the time, in a discussion about Common Core.”

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Sadly, this isn’t Schuitmaker’s only attempt to smear Speaker Leanord. She recently took heat for having her campaign consultant organize a politically motivated attack on Leonard’s wife, Jenell.

Schuitmaker also sent out nasty mailers many delegates found to be as distasteful as they were desperate and misleading.

And about that Common Core controversy? Wait, there’s more. Schuitmaker actually gaveled it into passage while presiding over the Michigan Senate in 2013! Yet she attacks Tom Leonard with fake news talking points? And she wants to be Attorney General? You can’t make this stuff up.

Watch Desperate Tonya Schuitmaker Help Pass Common Core: