New Poll Shows Establishment Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker Vulnerable To Primary Challenge

Wicker (Politico)

A new poll shows some bad news for Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, and his low approval numbers could mean he will face a primary fight.

According to the latest poll from JMC, only 43% of respondents have a favorable view of Wicker, and it only gets worse: just 38% of those polled would vote for Wicker in the primary.

JMC says Wicker “is in respectable shape” but still vulnerable to a successful primary fight.

Enter conservative superstar Chris McDaniel, who is rumored to be strongly considering a run against Wicker. McDaniel already gets 20% of the vote to Wicker’s 38% and a whopping 42% of voters are undecided.

With more voters undecided than in Wicker’s corner, McDaniel has a huge opportunity if he gets in the race. Among other issues, Wicker will have a tough time explaining his close relationship with Senate Majority Mitch McConnell to conservatives who vote in the Republican primary.

Wicker was recently in the spotlight for inappropriate comments about Senate interns, known as “pages,” who are usually 16-17 year olds in high school. Wicker called the pages “beautiful” in an awkward conversation with fellow Sen. Cory Booker many saw as creepy.

The deadline for filing for Senate in Mississippi is March 1st.

Chris McDaniel