Tarkanian Opposes Federal Marijuana Intervention, Says Sessions Should Respect 10th Amendment And Nevada Voters

Conservative Nevada Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian opposes Attorney General Jeff Sessions decision to refocus the Department of Justice’s resources on state marijuana issues.

The new policy from Sessions would allow federal prosecutors to target people in states that have legalized marijuana.

Tarkanian says the 10th Amendment delegating power to the states should take precedent, and that Nevada voters have already decided the issue.

“Regardless of how you personally feel about marijuana use, the citizens of Nevada have spoken,” Tarkanian said in a statement. “They voted to not just legalize medical marijuana, but recreational, as well. It’s a decision Nevadans made for the State of Nevada and the federal government needs to recognize and honor our 10th Amendment right to do so. ”

Tarkanian says it’s time for “big brother to back off,” and also called on his opponent, establishment Senator Dean Heller, to stand with Nevadans. Heller is close with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“It’s time for Big Brother to back off and I call on Sen. Dean Heller to deliver that message loudly and clearly to the Justice Department.”