Breaking: ISIS Threatens New York City With More Bombs

The Islamic State (ISIS) is threatening New York City with more bombs just hours after a botched terrorist attack stunned the city Monday morning.

ISIS says they are upset with President Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and they will retaliate.

According to PJ Media:

“ISIS supporters online linked today’s Port Authority Bus Terminal explosion in New York to last week’s administration recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a new propaganda poster.

The poster also revives ISIS backers’ holiday threats against Times Square, showing a hand holding an explosive device photoshopped over an image of the busy Broadway block.

“The recognition of your dog ‘Trump’ Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, will make us recognize explosives as the capital of your country,” the message on the poster said.

ISIS supporters also cheered news of the attack on their Telegram channels.”

The article notes ISIS has not offically taken responsibility for today’s attempted bombing.

“ISIS’ official Amaq news agency had not yet issued any claim for the attack, in which three commuters suffered minor injuries as a bomber partially detonated his explosives.

Police arrested Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladesh native and legal permanent resident who lives in Brooklyn, as he allegedly tried to set off the rest of a bomb attached to his body with Velcro and zip ties. Ullah, a former for-hire driver, suffered burns to his abdomen.”