Trump Republicans Praise Speaker Leonard for Taking No-Fault Vote and Standing Strong for Conservatives

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard is determined to fight for Michiganders regardless of potential backlash from the media and his colleagues in the Legislature.

He’s been viewed as a champion of conservative values since being elected a state representative in 2012. Today’s unconventional vote he brought to the House Floor solidified that reputation even more.

Leonard decided to take a vote on auto no-fault reform to force moderate legislators and democrats to take responsibility for their support for unreasonably high insurance rates.

Leonard is now being praised by grassroots conservatives and Trump Republicans for taking the vote. Meshawn Maddock, co-founder of Michigan Trump Republicans said, “Today’s vote by Speaker Leonard shows Michigan drivers he is serious about lowering our car insurance costs by passing much needed no fault reform. Despite continued roadblocks from the special interests fighting to preserve the costly status quo, Speaker Leonard is a bold and courageous leader fighting for what is right. It’s time to give Michigan drivers, who pay some of the highest car insurance rates in the country, a well-deserved and much needed break.”

Auto insurance rates in Michigan are among the highest in the nation primarily because motorists are forced to buy unlimited medical coverage to drive.

The legislation would give people the option to stick with an unlimited coverage plan, or one that caps lifetime injury coverage at $250,000 or $500,000, which could significantly reduce premiums for those that opt into a lower-coverage plan.

It failed, 45 – 63. Of the 63 Republicans in the House, 41 voted for it and 22 voted against.

Leonard demonstrated yet again that he is the conservative leader in the state who will stand strong on principle.

Matt Maddock is running for State House as a “Trump Republican.” He posted the following on his Facebook page yesterday:

It’s very uncommon for a Speaker to take a vote without being confident it has enough support to pass.

But this isn’t a first for Speaker Leonard. He did the same with an income tax rollback earlier this year. It failed to pass, but twelve Republicans that voted against it were forced to go on record as opposing it and have been criticized by conservatives across the state ever since.

Previous Speakers of the House have only taken votes when legislation would pass, but standing strong has been a hallmark for Leonard.

For conservatives and Trump Republicans, it’s exactly what they want to see in a public servant. Leonard is willing to stand up and fight for his beliefs and the people he represents, regardless of the result.