Betsy DeVos denied entry to school by BLM protesters

On a trip to a D.C. public school on Friday, newly-confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos found the entrance to the building blocked by protesters.

Right away, the group crowded around DeVos, both impeding her entrance to the building, and heckling her as she attempted to enter the school. Though the event was organized by the Washington Teachers Union, one of the protesters was holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign.

“News cycles make it hard to imagine what might unite our nation,” DeVos said in a statement later that day, “The rhetoric and the words can get hot and heated, and the animosity often seems unending. And that’s okay, too. People are passionate and moved by deeply held views. We are a pluralistic culture and we must celebrate our differences. But all of us here can help bring unity by personally committing to being more open to, and patient toward, views different than our own.”

DeVos was furiously opposed by the liberal teachers unions in America, and the American Federation of Teachers called it a “sad day” when her confirmation eventually passed on Tuesday.

The video, and rest of the story, can be found at the Daily Caller.