No Micromanaging From Trump

    President-elect Donald Trump will bring his boardroom management style to the White House. Sources closely involved with the Trump transition expect that he will loosen the reigns that were held tight by President Obama. Mr. Trump plans to give his Cabinet the green light when it comes to decision-making when it comes to some government issues.

    Politico states, “The approach comes with both upsides and downsides. On the one hand, Trump’s top leaders will likely be given plenty of latitude to act quickly and decisively without being constantly micromanaged by the big boss. But on the other, Trump’s top leaders will always carry with them the risk of being blindsided when the incoming president decides on a whim to weigh in on some topic in their portfolio,” and adds, “Trump is encouraging his top administration officials to make a splash in the first six months of his presidency, according to people involved in the transition and others who have spoken to them. “He wants them to totally shake these agencies up,” one person involved in the transition said. “He doesn’t want them to do business the same old way.”

    Miller predicted that Trump’s Cabinet secretaries will be encouraged to quickly make radical changes at federal agencies. “It won’t take six months. It’ll be less than that. They’ll look different in 30 days,” Miller said.”

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