Trump Campaigns Across Michigan

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump invaded Michigan for two YUGE rallies yesterday as “The Donald” destroyed Hillary Clinton’s horrendous record.

Appearing in the more conservative enclave of West Michigan, Trump spoke in Grand Rapids in front of a crowd of nearly 7,000 people for a noon rally.

Trump then headed to Warren in Macomb County, home of the “Reagan Democrats” that were so critical in electing President Ronald Reagan. Trump spoke to a sold out crowd of around 5,000 people at Macomb Community College.

In his speeches, Trump ripped Hillary for WikiLeaks revelations, supporting failed trade deals, and  abandoning Michigan workers, as well as working families across America. He also says he will win Michigan.

According to Kathy Gray of the Detroit Free Press:

“Buoyed by tightening polls and large crowds in Grand Rapids and Warren, the Trump campaign swept into Michigan on Monday and promised to make the reliably blue state competitive on election day next week.

“No Republican has won Michigan since like Reagan and I say, I love Michigan and I see numbers and I’m up,” Trump told a crowd of several thousand people at Macomb Community College in Warren Monday afternoon, adding his staff tells him that he’s even in the polls. “And I get this poll and it says we’re doing well in Michigan. And for all the geniuses who work for me, they said ‘You’re doing well in Michigan’ and I say let’s go win it.”