Trump: Hillary Runs A Criminal Enterprise

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of running a “criminal enterprise.”

According to reports:

“Donald Trump unleashed a new barrage of attacks against Hillary Clinton in a blistering speech on Thursday, accusing his Democratic presidential rival of running a “criminal enterprise” and saying her policies have spread terrorism around the world.

Speaking from a teleprompter ahead of a speech on education in Cleveland, Trump accused Clinton and her family of a litany of scandals and crimes.

“She put the country, and I mean the entire country, at risk to cover up her pay-for-play scandals as secretary of State,” Trump said. “These include scandals of giving uranium to Russia, doing favors for UBS bank, and selling contracts to friends and family in Haiti. It’s all about hiding criminal enterprise.”

Trump hammered Clinton over the FBI’s recently released notes from its investigation of her use of a private email server. Investigators found that the former secretary of State and her aides had deleted thousands of emails and destroyed some of the devices she used.

“As part of her criminal cover-up … Hillary Clinton’s staff deleted and digitally bleached, which is acid clean, her emails after receiving a Congressional subpoena, that’s after receiving, not before,” Trump said.”