Farage: Trump Would Be Better For Britain Than Obama

A key leader in the UK’s departure from the European Union says Trump would be a better President for Britain than Obama…

According to The Hill:

“A leading figure in Britain’s push to exit the European Union says Donald Trump would benefit his country more than President Obama.

“I think for the United Kingdom, Trump will be better for us than Barack Obama’s been, of that there’s no doubt,” Nigel Farage told CNN.

“Donald Trump dares to talk about things that other people want to brush under the carpet,” the United Kingdom Independence Party head added…

Farage added that he dislikes how beholden Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is to the political establishment.

“There’s nothing on earth that could persuade me to ever vote for Hillary Clinton. I mean, she represents the political elite. It’s almost as if she feels she has sort of a divine right to have that job.”