Trump Making Moves To Stop Cruz In Pennsylvania Delegate Race

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump doesn’t plan on letting Ted Cruz steal his delegates after what is expected to be another win in Pennsylvania.

According to The Hill:

“Two House Republicans from Pennsylvania are assisting Donald Trump in the battle for delegates ahead of the state’s presidential primary Tuesday, April 26.

Reps. Tom Marino and Lou Barletta are working behind the scenes in Pennsylvania to help Trump get his supporters elected as delegates, giving the Republican presidential front-runner some badly needed institutional muscle for an insiders’ game at which he’s been getting pummeled.

Only 17 of Pennsylvania’s 71 delegates are bound to the overall winner of the state’s election, and Trump is favored to win the popular vote given his lead in polls.

The remaining 54 delegates will be elected directly by voters, however, meaning the candidates in Pennsylvania must get their supporters to elect delegates loyal to their campaigns.

And many voters will be flying blind, because the ballots won’t identify which delegates are loyal to candidates Trump, Ted Cruz, or John Kasich.”