Ten Congressional Races You Should Be Watching

Believe it or not, the Presidential race isn’t the only election being held in November. And as conservatives who actually respect separation of powers, we know that who sits in Congress is just as important as who occupies the Oval Office. That’s why we here at Conservative Intel are bringing our loyal readers a list of races every conservative worth his-or-her bonafides should be watching. So sit back, read on and may the odds be ever in our favor.

U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio-08

John Boehner was not exactly a conservative hero by the time he resigned his Speakership last October, but that does not mean we can let his vacated seat go blue. Especially when the Republican nominee, veteran and business owner Warren Davidson, is the anti-Boehner: an outsider conservative candidate, endorsed by the very same interest groups that often made life on the Hill quite difficult for Boehner. In other words: Davidson is one of the good ones. And while he should face a fairly easy path to victory in this Republican stronghold of a District, let’s make sure the sailing is as smooth as can be. Warren faces off against Corey Foister, a progressive millennial (is there anything more insufferable?), whose anti-capitalist views would make Bernie Sanders proud. So in 2016, let’s start a new era of conservative representation in OH-8; because who knows, the winner of this one just may be the future Speaker one day.