Wow: Trump Leads In Florida And Ohio

Photo by Gage Skidmore

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is headed for a huge night next Tuesday in Florida and Ohio.

According to The Hill:

Donald Trump leads Republican presidential rivals Marco Rubio and John Kasich in their home states of Florida and Ohio, according to polling released Wednesday.

Trump tops Rubio by 16 points in Florida, leading 40 to 24 percent, while Ted Cruz follows at 19 percent and Kasich at 5 percent in the latest CNN/ORC polls.

In Ohio, the controversial businessman bests Kasich by a smaller margin of 6 points, 41 to 35 percent, with Cruz at 15 percent and Rubio at 7 percent.

Florida and Ohio are key for Republican rivals who are hoping to keep Trump below the necessary 1,237 delegates for the nomination, forcing a brokered convention over the summer. The winner-take-all contests on March 15 in Florida and Ohio have 99 and 66 delegates up for grabs, respectively.”