Will The GOP Establishment Try To STEAL The Nomination From Donald Trump At The Convention?

Will the establishment try to screw Donald Trump at the GOP Presidential convention in Cleveland?

According to an opinion piece by GOP political consultant John Yob in Breitbart:

“I should not be added to the list of people who think that a Donald Trump nomination would be a bad thing for the party. He is bringing in hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of new voters to the Republican Party and providing energy that we have not seen since the original Tea Party wave of 2010.

He received 49% of the vote in Massachusetts and a record number of Democrats switched their registrations in order to vote for him.  He is winning Independents by overwhelming numbers, and quite possibly puts Northeast states in play that have not been competitive in decades. He is perhaps the most appealing candidate to Reagan Democrats since…..Ronald Reagan.

This does not mean, however, that he has the nomination locked up after Super Tuesday. It isn’t even close.

It has narrowed the race down to two possible outcomes after Super Tuesday: Donald Trump as the nominee, or a contested and chaotic Republican National Convention.”

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