Breaking: Anti Trump DRAMA In Virginia? Voters Given Ballots Already Marked For Rubio

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Drama was on display in the Virginia primary today as election workers lost control of ballot counting machines, and some voters reported receiving ballots already marked for GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

According to a Virginia TV station:

“Polls workers at Jahnke Road Baptist Church explained volunteers were unable to find the key to their ballot counting machine early Tuesday morning, so they collected ballots and temporarily put them in the bag. The poll supervisor said once the key was located the problem was solved.

Another voter was concerned when he said he was handed a ballot that was already filled out.

Filled out Ballot

Showalter explained what happened in that situation.

“Two ballots were stuck together when they were issued and the woman they were handed to voted on both of them,” Showalter said.

She explained the woman returned the extra ballot to a poll worker and that worker did not realize it had already been filled, so she handed it to the next person in line. The problem was resolved once that person came forward and requested a clean ballot.”