Nevada Republicans Hope To Avoid 2012 Caucus Drama In Tuesday’s Election

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)

In 2012, it took more than a day for all the votes in Nevada to be counted, a fact that was considered immensely shady by some. Now, Nevada Republicans hope to avoid issues by using smart phones to report results.

Despite the increase in technology, some problems may still develop, reports say. Mitt Romney won by a wide-margin on election day, but the delegates would eventually go to Ron Paul after his supporters used the rules to their advantage.

According to The Hill:

“Nevada GOP presidential caucus officials will report the results of Tuesday night’s contests using their smartphones — a marked contrast to the Microsoft-built app that was used to deliver results in Iowa.

The Wall Street Journal reported that GOP officials are hoping to avoid a repeat of the 2012, when final results in Nevada were not officially reported until days after the caucuses, long after news organizations had called the race for Mitt Romney.

In 2012, press reports noted that the hand counts in some counties were not finished more than a day after the polls closed because of discrepancies. The Las Vegas Sun  said at the time that the process was marked by “disorganization, bickering and bumbling at nearly every turn.”

While those setbacks did not cause much turmoil because of Romney’s large margin of victory, the GOP results are expected to be much closer this year. ”

The Journal also reported that the combination of a competitive contest, an underfunded state party and a decentralized process have officials bracing for some confusion on Tuesday.”