Trump Jokes He May Sue Cruz Over Canadian Birth Controversy For “Fun”


GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is in a dead heat with Ted Cruz in Iowa according to most polls, and today Trump hit Cruz’s Canadian birth controversy, saying he may sue Cruz for fun.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he may file a lawsuit over rival Ted Cruz’s eligibility for the White House…

“I’ve said Ted has a lot of problems — number one, Canada. He could run for the Prime Minister of Canada and I wouldn’t even complain because he was born in Canada,” Trump joked.

“The Democrats are going to sue if he ever got the nomination within two days. There have already been two lawsuits filed, but they don’t have standing. I have standing to sue. Can you imagine if I did it? Should I do it just for fun?”

Trump added that he believes that he will defeat Cruz without the need of a legal challenge to his candidacy…”