Breaking: Multiple Flights Grounded In US As Woman Tries To Invade Cockpit, Middle Eastern Passengers Cause Concern

Multiple flights were grounded today in the United States after concerns over suspicious activity.

The latest, breaking this afternoon around 1:30, involves a woman trying to invade a plane’s cockpit….

According to Fox News:

“Breaking News: British Airways Flight 213 has made an emergency landing at Logan Airport in Boston after a female passenger on board was accused of trying to enter the cockpit. The passenger has been restrained, according to reports.”

Also, earlier in the day, four Middle Eastern passengers grounded a plane in Baltimore after the staff was significantly concerned over their behavior.

According to The Blaze:

“Passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flight scheduled to depart Baltimore-Washington International airport Tuesday morning were made to deplane as law enforcement officials removed several people from the flight.

According to WJLA reporter Suzanne Kennedy, who was on the plane at the time, four people were removed from flight NK969 to Chicago. Those four people, three men and one woman, appeared to be in their early 30s, were of Middle Eastern decent and had backpacks, Kennedy said on Twitter.

Kennedy reported that the woman got up with a small child and headed to the bathrooms as the plane taxied for take off.

A federal law enforcement official told WJLA that the flight crew was not comfortable with a few passengers on board and asked for them to be removed.”