After GOP Debate, Big Michigan Political Conference Takes Center Stage

Mackinac Bridge

After a long and feisty debate last night at the Reagan Library in California, many of the candidates now head to Michigan for the Michigan Republican Party’s biannual “Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference.”

Mackinac Island is a beautiful location for what is always a great weekend and this year’s event will be the biggest ever, party leaders say.

Candidates that will make their way to Mackinac include:

Jeb Bush

Rand Paul

Ted Cruz

Carly Fiorina

Scott Walker

John Kasich.

That’s over half of the primetime debate attendees. Paul, Cruz, and Kasich have all announced they will hold events on Mackinac in addition to the official conference. Marco Runio won’t be there, but Rick from “Pawn Stars” will be there to min gle with guests while stumping for the Florida Senator.

Michigan’s GOP Congressional delegation and statewide elected leadership will also attend, along with media outlets from across the nation and even some international press.

All eyes will be on the 2016 GOP Mackinac straw poll results. Though candidates are not overtly trying to win like in past events, lots of behind the scenes politicking is happening and should make things interesting.

We’ll have full coverage of the 2016 GOP straw poll, as well as other happenings on Mackinac-stay tuned!