Confirmed: Hillary Emails Contained Classified Material, 2nd Review Says

A week after one of three close aides pleaded the fifth in the ongoing investigation by the FBI, Hillary Clinton’s email woes continued with a second confirmation of classified email material.

The confirmation came after a ‘special review’ by officials from the CIA and NGIA of two emails that were received by Hillary on her personal address which were deemed to be ‘top secret’.

Spokesmen both for the campaign and for the State Department argued that classification of information can vary depending on which source the material came from, but critics argue that the content in these emails — one of which includes details of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities — is indisputably sensitive.

The revelation comes as the latest in an unending train of bruises to Hillary’s former inevitability in the race for the Democrat nomination which has become anything but certain in recent weeks.

When Joe Biden is included among the options, Hillary’s national polling numbers dip well below the 50% mark and continue the negative direction as rumors of Biden’s entrance into the race continue.

According to campaign aides, Hillary will be executing another pivot in strategy this week in which she will strive to appear more affable and happy with voters in hopes that the incessant negative from the scandal will roll off.