Biden Fuels Speculation about Run with “Unprecedented” Travel Schedule


Jogging his way through the Labor Day parade in downtown Pittsburgh on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden was urged in his nascent White House bid by calls from the crowd “Run, Joe, Run!”

It’s a call that continues to grow among Democrat faithful with each week as Hillary Clinton’s star dims on every subsequent revelation in the ongoing email server investigation.

For the last month, Biden has stepped up his travel itinerary in what is being described as unprecedented for a sitting vice president with a little over a year remaining in his final term.

His visit to Pennsylvania this week was the latest in travels to other battleground states, ostensibly to bolster support for key policies and Democrat candidates, including Florida, Iowa and Ohio.

Biden’s support among the most recent national polls continues to close in on Bernie Sanders with the current RCP average at 16%. And in the most recent Marist poll in Iowa, Biden has climbed to 20% on the rumors that he may jump into the race.

Rupert Murdoch, head of Fox News, predicted via Twitter this week that Biden will win the Democrat nomination and will be a formidable opponent for Republicans.