GOP Debate: Some Final Polling Emerges

With a mere 48 hours remaining before the final cut is announced by Fox News for Thursday’s opening debate, GOP candidates are scrambling for last-minute media spotlights in hopes they’ll earn a last-position chair on the stage.

Last week amid pressure from multiple campaigns to open up to more candidates, Fox stuck to its guns on the 10-seat maximum opting instead to relax the rules for entrance into the earlier lower-tier debate at 5pm.

According to the last poll by the Wall Street Journal — a sister company to Fox News — the GOP lineup may include the following: Trump, Walker, Bush, Carson, Cruz, Huckabee, Rubio, and Paul, with the ninth and tenth seats tied among Kasich, Christie and Perry.

Fox has yet to reveal its formula for calculating the margin of error which will be credited with eliminating at least three competitive candidates from the primetime event.