Report: Hillary Emails Included ‘Hundreds’ of Secrets

A report delivered this week to House and Senate intelligence committees by an inspector general for the intelligence community is warning that potentially hundreds of classified secrets were transmitted via Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Among the 30,000 emails reviewed by the IG’s office, none them offered any special protection or indication of sensitive content despite that many included “IC-derived classified information”.

Congressional members were also informed that among the emails containing or referring to sensitive data, details originating from the FBI, DNI and CIA were included.

Intelligence community officials are already raising red flags over the initial release of tranches of emails by the State Department in which sensitive details about Libya were made public.

According to reports, the 30,000 emails still exist on a thumb drive given to Hillary’s attorney David Kendall, which may represent a breach of national security in itself.

The revelation further puts Hillary’s candidacy in jeopardy as calls for a formal criminal investigation are mounting from Congress and the intelligence community.