Hillary Dropping in Polls

Troubles for Hillary Clinton continue unabated after what some have deemed her “re-re-re-introduction” have largely fallen flat among the media and core Democrat voters.

According to a Monmouth University poll released Wednesday, Hillary maintains 51% support among likely Democrat voters, down six points from last month and a precipitous drop from the 60% she enjoyed back in April.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders’ unlikely rise to prominence both in New England and around the country continues to chip away at Hillary’s inevitability with a 17% support base.

This new challenge poses a polling trajectory that could for the first time pull Hillary’s support below the 50% mark which will bring with it a renewed sense of opportunity for her primary challengers.

What’s more, Sanders’ revealed a commanding base of financial support among which were more than 284,000 individual donors to his campaign.

Though Hillary’s cash haul has been many times greater, Sanders’ base eclipses Hillary’s 250,000 donor base, a number that creates further trouble for the beleaguered former Secretary of State.