Poll: Turnout in ’16 Spells Trouble for Dems, Hillary

Hillary Clinton SONY DSC

According to a survey commissioned last week by progressive group Women’s Voices, Women Vote, the Democrat Party may have an uphill battle for the White House next year, Real Clear Politics reports.

First among the troubling findings is that the 950 voters polled were split evenly in their support for Hillary versus a generic Republican ballot in terms of correcting problems in Washington, this despite Hillary’s overwhelming position in most polls.

More troubling for Democrats is that the skepticism and even a degree of cynicism among the electorate may translate to much lower turnout for the party in 2016 compared to 2008 and 2012.

According to the survey’s results, voters have grave doubts about the possibility that a Democrat president will clean up what they see is a corrupt system in the federal government.

What’s more, those who generally support Hillary Clinton still hold an approval rating for President Obama that is eight points higher.

These numbers go far to explain the juxtaposition between Hillary’s high approval ratings despite the fallout from her multiple scandals. The result is that, though they like her as a candidate, many doubt she will do much good in the White House.

Negative voter attitudes more than any other factor contributed to a depressed turnout among the Democrat base in last year’s midterm elections, a reality that could extend into next year.