Clinton Shell Game: Media Discover Another Unreported Company

The saga over Bill and Hillary Clinton’s various commercial and non-profit enterprises has pressed ahead unabated this week. There are further revelations, by the Associated Press, that a shell company existed during the time President Clinton was in office and his wife Hillary served as Secretary of State. This company was operated by President Clinton himself.

Because the Delaware-based shell WJC, LLC, did not own any assets, the Clinton’s were not obligated to disclose how much money the former president funneled through the organization. It is speculated that millions of dollars in both speaking fees and other financial payments made its way through the firm into the Clinton coffers.

This revelation is the most current event in the long line of continuing troubles for the former first couple. It has been anything but smooth sailing for Hillary’s quest to the White House and this event just adds to her rocky start.

Last week headlines showed Arizona State paying the Clinton Foundation a half million dollars to host their annual convention on the Tempe campus. This payment occurred while the university continued to raise tuition rates and the state budget was tightened.

What’s more, it was revealed earlier this week that Hillary’s State Department has approved numerous arms deals to foreign nations who, unsurprisingly, had contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

According to a Washington Post report, during her short three-year tenure, the State Department green-lighted $165 billion in the commercial sale of arms to 20 nations who had given tens of millions in cash to the foundation. Further, WashPo detailed that among the money given to the foundation was a $900,000 donation by Boeing. This was two months prior to the DOS approving a sale for fighter jets to Saudi Arabia.