Busy Week For GOP Hopefuls, New Iowa Poll Shakes Up Race

Yesterday former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made his candidacy official in Hope, Arkansas.This makes him the sixth entrant to the GOP presidential race.

Meanwhile, the latest Quinnipiac poll released likely Iowa Caucus voters and results show tectonic shifts in the line-up. The race continues to grow more competitive as, in this week alone, the field doubled in candidates.

Huckabee has closed the gap in Iowa, despite the fact that the poll was conducted prior to his announcement. He has moved into a virtual tie for second place with his standing likely to improve in days to come.

Joining Sens. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, Huckabee nearly doubled his percentage from previous weeks to put him at 11% to Rubio and Paul’s 13%, a difference far less than the margin of error.

Gov. Scott Walker remains the lead horse in the pack for Iowa with 21 points, a drop from its height at 25 in February. This is to be expected given the number of recent candidate announcements.

Jeb Bush has fallen off the map in Iowa since he announced his exploratory committee early this year. Bush has dropped to 5% according to Quinnipiac. He now joins Chris Christie as one of the two candidates who at least 20% of Iowans say they “definitely will not support.”