Russian Hackers Read Obama Emails

New details have emerged concerning the revelation last month that Russian hackers had gained access to sensitive information both in the White House and at the State Department.

Contrary to the Administration’s reports that no information was leaked, according to Fox News, new details reveal that hackers possibly gained access to President Obama’s emails.

According to a New York Times story citing the administration’s officials, the server that guards the presidents mobile messages was not hacked. However, the email archives which he communicated with was accessed. These emails contained ‘highly sensitive’ information.

The revelation comes as a potential scandal even more damaging to U.S. national security than the revelations by Edward Snowden concerning the NSA’s monitoring of electronic communications.

One senior official explained that the hackers gaining access is only the tip of the iceberg, in relation to the severity of the report. He said, “It’s the Russian angle to this that’s particularly worrisome.”

Whether and when Russian-aligned groups will release the details of the president’s emails, to the international community, is among the top questions being asked by officials as they assess the damage.