Gov. Kasich Signals White House Bid

The latest GOP primary poll, from this Sunday, shows little change from Fox News’ poll taken two weeks ago. Jeb has pulled ahead of Walker by five points and Ted Cruz has pulled away from the three-way tie with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

In the back of the line is Ohio Gov. John Kasich at a meager 1%, which amounts to about a dozen votes of the 1,012 polled. This result is behind even the 5% that indicated ‘other’ as their primary preference.

Yet, Kasich is confident. In an interview on Meet the Press this Sunday, the congressman turned state chief executive mentioned, “ I have more experience than anyone in the field.” He plans to emphasize this to his advantage in the coming months.

He commented about his recent trips and warm reception in Iowa and South Carolina. When asked whether he will ultimately step into the ring, his answer was telling: “I’m more and more serious or I wouldn’t be doing these things.”