Can O’Malley Defeat Hillary?

That Hillary Clinton is still riding high in the polls despite her ongoing scandals isn’t deterring Martin O’Malley in his efforts to take the number two slot in the fight for the Democrat nomination for president.

In recent weeks he has visited first-in-the nation Iowa several times after having invested tens of thousands of dollars and campaign staff members in the state during the midterm election cycle.

Though polls show him at a mere 1% in Iowa, he is turning heads everywhere he travels both with his rhetoric and his engaging style. And it’s that sort of retail politics — which Hillary demonstrated in 2008 she could not do well and has yet to do at all so far — that wins over Iowans.

The Democrat primary has a long history of giving the nod to the underdog who works the hardest and shows the most ‘fire in the belly’, specifically the progressive sort of political rhetoric so popular among Democrats in the state.