Martin O’Malley Offer Fresh Air for Dems

The ongoing Emailgate scandal continues the threat to sink Hillary’s ship before it has event set sail. And former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is taking advantage of the opportunity to bask in the sunlight of being the ‘not-Hillary’ candidate for the Democrat nomination.

Having already visited Iowa several times this year, O’Malley made a weekend trip in New Hampshire for a major Democrat Party event in an obvious bid to shore up his name identification in the early primary states.

O’Malley made clear that he intends to decide in the coming weeks whether he will officially proceed with a presidential campaign promising of the differences between he and Hillary, “If I were to enter this race, I think a lot of those distinctions would become very evident.”

Though some nascent supporters remained unconvinced of his intentions given his reluctance to directly attack Clinton despite the fallout from the email scandal, which left many wondering whether his ultimate goal may simply be to position for a Veep spot on the Democrat ticket.