Trump Won EVERY County In All 5 States Yesterday

Trump Won EVERY County In All 5 States Yesterday

Donald Trump won every single county in all 5 states up for grabs last night, a remarkable moment in the real estate mogul’s campaign towards the White House.

According to The Hill:

Donald Trump won every county on Tuesday night in the five Northeastern states that held primaries, sweeping up more delegates in his quest to lock up the GOP nomination.

Trump won each county in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island, including Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County, where rival  John Kasich was born.

Trump also won every congressional district in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware to pick up more delegates. He won all but six districts in Connecticut and one in Rhode Island, which Kasich took.”



  1. Trump is America’s choice because he reflects the frustration and anger of the patriotic American citizen. He embodies our values, shares our disappointment with greedy elected officials, promises to return to those strengths and steady values that have made the USA the longest lasting constitutional republic (democracy) in world history. With President Donald Trump ‘We will make America Great Again!’ In God’s mercy, so may it be.

  2. I hope Donald, when he gets to the White House, cleans house…getting rid of all those demagogs who are employed by obummer and installs his own people! I would be so happy to see them all go especially all the muslims obummer placed in there. I would feel so much safer to know the house has been CLEANED OUT!

  3. Well he was my last choice to win the GOP, but it’s okay. Everyone believes that Criminal Clinton is a shoe in now. I hope not. She won’t make America great again. She has no interest in America; only her own agenda. She is a crook and a murderer and I still don’t know how she is able to run for President.

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