Trump: Hillary Clinton Is “Guilty As Hell”

Trump: Hillary Clinton Is “Guilty As Hell”

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton is “guilty as hell.”

According to The Hill:

Donald Trump on Monday night tested a new attack line against Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, going after her use of a private email server while secretary of State.

“Talk about liars, I think Hillary might be worse than Ted,” Trump said during his rally in Albany, N.Y., referring to his GOP rival Ted Cruz.

“Everybody knows that she is guilty as hell, OK? Everybody,” Trump said of Clinton, adding, “Her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful lie. It’s been a terrible, terrible lie. Everything about her is a lie.”

Trump suggested that he wanted to defeat Cruz and John Kasich in the GOP race so he could focus on “whoever the enemy is,” an apparent reference to the Democratic nominee.

“It’s a rigged deal, so it’s probably going to be Hillary,” Trump said in his remarks broadcast Tuesday morning on MSNBC.”



  1. Of course it’s going to be killary. They already showed how “diverse” they are by putting a biracial man in office. Now they need to show we are equal by putting a woman in office. Well the biracial guy was a total disaster. Now killary will burn the whole country down.
    It doesn’t matter if every person in the country votes trump, this sleazy government won’t let it happen. We the people will have to take our country back by force!

    • WELL, what are we waiting for? lets get started. and when i say get started, it means a non vigilant march by every able American into Washington DC… this would be the start and the finish, without the use of force..

    • The gov’t is sleazy and anyone who has been in it for more than a year and fails to reveal the special interests, lobbyists, actions and the cronyism is just as sleazy and corrupt. Cruz has been in it and failed to do anything to change it. He now gives lip service to it but if elected, will forget about it and it will be business as usual.

      • You sure got that right, and I believe Cruz is a part of this sleazy Government. The cronyism has gone crazy, full of corruption too the bone. All they have on thier mind is pay to play with the cronies, back room deals. Liars the lot of them.


        • If a detective is going to uncover corruption in white collar crime he/she follows the money. DC is neck deep in money roiling around everywhere. It is the only lubricant that keeps the massive unwieldy machine lumbering toward the cliff.
          With today’s social media, there should be a ban on all campaign finances. any politician can get their word out to “We The People” without spending a dime. That would leave them free to remain in their elected post for their entire term rather than campaigning for the last two years of their terms. The treasury could have a fund available to pay “reasonable expenses” to candidates to travel and participate in debates. The candidates would submit their expenses and if determined to be exorbitant, refused. All special interests and lobbyists should be banned from DC. As a matter of fact, why isn’t our countries capital located in the heart of america. A small white house in Kansas near an international airport in the geographic center. All the politicians should remain within their local offices and if a bill is submitted for vote, it can be done through the media. No more Whips, Committee appointments, and fancy offices in DC. Be available to their constituents locally. They should be hearing us, we should not be dictated to them after they have been paid to vote the way some lobbyist wants them to. Get a flat tax with no deductions and get rid of the IRS. No more congressional committees nor investigations. They have little to no power. Any investigations required should be conducted by the FBI and also a special panel of detectives appointed by a rotating panel of governors of equal party participation. Many other changes need to be instituted but these are just a few that would instantly correct the misguided direction of this country.

          • “The media” makes multi billions on these campaigns. Their advertising rates are double or more for “political ads”. They like to sit smugly in their thrones decrying the system but they created the obscene costs of doing business with them.

          • Great Post very well stated, I agree with your post 100%.

            That is what we need, not a bunch of Politicans just doing what they want, never pay attention to we the people.

            That MUST “STOP” NOW. Need to push the flush valve in DC.

            Start with new blood, I have always heard A New Broom Sweeps Clean. Term Limits no more career Politicians, they all lie to get put back in office, so they can keep doing the same thing, RIP-OFF the TAX Payers, and take thier bribs as always, never work for the constituents, as they should.
            Thank you for that great post, that hit the nail on the head.

  2. Barack Hussein Obama, same as Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton , both are real good at LYING to the people. Every thing they say has to be a lie, they can’t help it they don’t think anyone knows they are LYING. The two of them are so arrogant and narcissistic, so full of themselves.

  3. Hillary is like a bank robber whose identity is known but has not yet been arrested. The police are watching for more crimes and associates.

  4. It seems that both parties seem to be picking candidates of questionable background. Doesn’t it make you wonder how people like bill clinton, barack obama, ted cruz and marco rubio all aspire to and in some case make it to the top?? Peroni bill comes from a dysfunctional family with hardly any mention of a paternal influence just like obama, cruz and possibly rubio. Clinton and obamas mothers were alleged to be alcoholics and/or drug abusers. Cruz’ father left his family at an early age like obama’s and clinton’s did. The only reason I mention Rubio is because I’ve heard a lot about his grandfather, but to much about dad. Where do these people come from? Who are their benefactors? Clinton apparently had access to US senators while he was in high school. He ends up in an Ivy League university and as a “Rhodes scholar”? How do these “poor”, unfortunate slugs end up rubbing elbows with the political elite? These guys are being groomed from grammar school to be future politicians. Who is enabling them??

    • Big money like the billionaires creating the PAC finances openly. they are also funding the unknowns as you call them. They are trained. Who trained Bill Clinton? Who trained Obama. He did nothing in college which is why his transcripts are sealed. He has been groomed by the communists of Chicago since the 70’s. His mentor who came to Chicago from her native Iran born to communist parents, is Valerie Jarrett, the one who presently runs the White House. There will never be a revitalization of this once great country as long as there are lobbyists and special interests in DC. The money will continue to rule until there is a physical revolt and the cronies and career slugs are removed from our public offices. The establishment and media like things just the way they are and have been for decades because they all feed at the same trough. The working class who are the only taxpayers, are dwindling and the pigs at the trough are bloating. Time for a rebellion. I hope this post gets me arrested by the feds because medicare and the VA do not provide dental care in their plan and facility respectively. If I can get thrown in prison I will have all the dental care I need, plus many other perks I cannot afford now on my SS check that failed to get a cost of living increase 3 out of the last 6 years. There was a cost of living increase every year in SS till 2010 and there have been 2 more since then. That should be an indication of the power of Big Pharma and their lobbyists when they can pay the politicians to exclude dental from seniors and veterans so they will be more susceptible to other medical issues which prompt visits to doctors which subsequently result in drugs being prescribed. If thousands of Blacks can get organized, why can’t all Americans organize and march on DC to demand change and if not made immediately, go in and remove them bodily.

  5. Stop her now enough is enough this sick person need solitude everyday for rest of her future.

  6. prm2012 says it all in a nut shell including sneaky slimeball lying cheating Raphael Edward Cruz!

    Vote for Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. Utterly the most qualified and desired Economic, Managerial, Jobs Creating, Plans Negotiating and Task Mastering Genius on either side of the Stages!


    SO BE IT

  7. Abolishing the IRS,and reigning in the department of energy, getting the feds out of education and giving it back to the states, cleaning up HUD, repealing Obama care, Securing the borders, reigning in or doing away with the EPA, lowering taxes, getting regulations off the backs of small business and more is what Cruz is about and getting back to Constitutional principles and rule of law. Saying Cruz is part of the corrupt political establishment is ludicrous and uninformed. Why do you think the establishment despises him? because they know he will shake the cartel up to its very roots of corruption. You want change in D.C. ? Cruz is the answer and has the intelligence to put this County back on track with the Constitution. Be informed and stop listening to and believing what the media and the political noise that is thrown about Cruz. Cruz states that it is not about him it is about the people. When has Trump ever stated something even close. Never, because it is about him. Wake up and stop sipping the KOOL- AID, Trump would be a disaster, just listen to him and pay attention to what he says, usually nothing that has real substance, just rhetoric.

    Now putting the progressive like Trump in the presidency would be disastrous. Trump is in it for himself, just listen to him talk and rant when things don’t go his way. When does Trump ever answer a question with an answer besides Huge, awesome, really big. He doesn’t > he hangs onto policies of others as if they were his ideas. Trump is a true narcissist, narcissistic personality disorder fits Trump to a tee.

    • Cruz has been in office and has never said one word against the present system. What makes you think he will eliminate all those issues you framed if he is elected to the oval office. The things you listed were things Dr. Ben Carson spoke about all over the country long before the campaign got underway. The establishment, other candidates and the media squeezed him out, most notably Cruz, when he was leading in the polls. The other candidates saw how his message about political correctness, Obamacare, to be replaces by health savings accounts, install a flat tax, eliminate the IRS, and many other solutions he offered resonated with the people who hadn’t voted in decades. They each adopted some of his solutions. and now Cruz has adopted all of them. He is a politician and will not attempt to
      follow through on a damn one of them. Politicians like the system just as it is.What he did to Carson in Iowa was a shyster lying lowlife sleazy trick and then tried to convince everyone he did not know about it. If he didn’t and it was done by his campaign manager and he didn’t fire him for it, he is condoning sleazy tactics so he is just as sleazy.

  8. trumps absolutely right, anyone else did what she did, leaving those people to be murdered would be in klink and thats just one thing, she singlehandedly destroyed the mideast . it wasnt all that peachy but wtf, all the ones we could deal with are dead and their countries in Chaos because of her and barry.. unbelievable that this country spawns citizens that stupid and ignorant that would vote for a person as corrupt as her and billy boy ,the bill cosby of politics ,hillary covered that crap, i forgot …right vince foster?? oh sh*t your dead hhmm right ron brown? oh f*k forgot sry .. umm well anyway u get the pic

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