Breaking: Hillary Broke New York City Law In Subway Campaign Stop

Breaking: Hillary Broke New York City Law In Subway Campaign Stop

Looks like the FBI might not be Hillary’s only problem…

According to reports:

“New Yorkers got a chuckle on Thursday morning when Hillary Clinton rode the subway. On her way into the station, Clinton had a little bit of trouble swiping her MetroCard: it took five goes for her to finally get the green light and pass through the turnstile.

This little incident became the cause of much mirth. “Clinton struggles to get through subway entrance,” said Politico. “Former New York Senator Hillary Clinton Struggles to Swipe Her Subway MetroCard,” reported ABC. “Video Shows Hillary Clinton Struggling With MetroCard At Bronx Subway Station,” said the local CBS affiliate’s website.

There was another problem with Clinton’s ride aboard the 4 Train, one that the media all but ignored: Hillary Clinton broke the subway rules, and did so not only within full sight of New York City officials and law enforcement, who stood around and watched her do it.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Rules of Conduct, the subway system is for transporting riders to their destinations, and nothing else. But the rules list several exceptions, including “campaigning”. So far, so good, Hillary Clinton.

However, Section 1050.6(c)1 of the subway rules states unequivocally that none of these activities may be performed on the actual subway cars.

This is the rule Clinton broke. Clinton’s defenders might think the short subway trip wasn’t actually campaigning, but I’d urge them to watch a video of her two-stop ride – from Yankee Stadium to 170th Street – that clearly shows Clinton glad-handing on the train itself.”



  1. What? A Clinton broke the law? That all depends on What your version of the word Law Means..
    If your name is BJ or Hillary Clinton, the word law, means nothing..

  2. Of course Hillary was campaigning – that’s the only reason she would sink to the depths of actually riding the subway!!!!

  3. Let’s face it, of all the laws that the Clintons have ignored, defied, or broken, this one falls pretty far toward the “incredibly trivial” end of the scale. Willfully lying under oath, negligently putting top secret material on an unsecure private email server, tax evasion by hiding foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation – yeah, these are all very worthy of media exposure. But campaigning on a Subway Car? Meh, who cares?

  4. The timerity of Republicans not supporting Obama on the Benghazi scandal, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, lying to the American people on ObamaCare repeatedly, lying about his role in Benghazi, Obama’s failure to faithfully enforce the laws of the US. Just terrible!

  5. My knee jerk reaction is to give the woman a pass on this one. However, would she give an ordinary American a break for unknowingly violating some obscure environmental regulation? Probably not. Her campaign aide should have clarified what she could and couldn’t do, then should have briefed her on it. She’s ultimately responsible for violating the law, even a transit law.

  6. What does SHE care? – – “What difference does it make anyway!” – her quote on the DEATHS of people for whom SHE was RESPONSIBLE.

  7. not as big a deal as lying to the benghazi victims families about the youtube video, when she told her own daughter and the President of Egypt the day before. She is a lying mean old woman.

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