Comey Says FBI Remains Independent During Clinton Investigation

Comey Says FBI Remains Independent During Clinton Investigation

FBI Director James Comey says his organization is staying independent while it investigates former Secretary of State and Dem Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to The Hill:

“FBI Director James Comey pledged Wednesday that there is “no outside influence” on the bureau’s investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s private email server.

“I love the FBI because we aspire to, and I think we are, three things: We’re honest, we’re competent, we’re independent,” Comey said at Kenyon College in Ohio while responding to an audience member’s question, according to Politico.

“I’ve stayed close to that investigation to ensure that it’s done that way. That we have the resources, the technology, the people and that there’s no outside influence. So, if I talk about an investigation while it’s going on, there’s a risk that I’ll compromise both the reality and the perception that it’s done honestly, competently and independently,” he added.

Comey told lawmakers in early March that he was closely monitoring the case and insisted it would remain independent.”



  1. I have the utmost confidence in both Director Comey of the FBI and the hundred or so FBI Agents under his command. As well as the dozens or so other investigators from our national security agencies. That they will be able to collect and present enough evidence and information to a Federal Grand Jury. Where the GJ will return a Federal Criminal Indictment against Hillary and several of her Top Aides…

    What we’ve learned so far, from just what has been released to the public. Clearly shows HRC’s violation of several Federal Laws, covering everything Freedom of Information as well as the Handling of Classified Material. Additionally there are violations of Destruction of Evidence as well as the always dangerous statute of Making False Statements to an FBI Agent…

    HRC for BoP 2016!

  2. Sure are slow about it. It seems to me like your waiting for people to forget all she’s done. She has no business running for president while under investigation!

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