Judicial Watch Says ALL Of Hillary’s Emails Will Be Released

Judicial Watch Says ALL Of Hillary’s Emails Will Be Released

The leader of Judicial Watch, the group responsible for holding Hillary Clinton accountable for her email scandal, says that all of the Dem presidential candidate’s emails will eventually be released.

According to The Hill:

“All of the roughly 30,000 personal emails Hillary Clinton claimed to have deleted from her private email server will eventually be reviewed by the government — and many will be made public, according to a top legal adversary of Clinton.

“They’re all going to get reviewed eventually, despite Mrs. Clinton’s resistance,” Tom Fitton, the head of the conservative legal watchdog organization Judicial Watch, said in an interview with The Hill.

Clinton has said she “chose not to keep” roughly half of her server’s email cache because the 30,000 personal emails contained information about “yoga routines,” “family vacations” and “condolence notes.”

The rest of the emails — approximately 55,000 pages worth of allegedly work-related documents from her time as secretary of State — were handed back to the State Department for recordkeeping. Redacted versions of those messages have been released to the public in batches on a regular basis since last May.”




  1. From the article:

    “will eventually be reviewed by the government”

    I want them reviewed by an independent counsel. This administration can not be trusted to conduct an impartial review. I’m going to assume that since the emails have apparently now been recovered, that there will now be proper backups made…as was mandated by law…but again, I have no confidence in this administration to follow the law, especially when it comes to releasing damning evidence against the major person of the party in power who is seeking to become the next President.

    {In the interest of full disclosure here: When funds allow, I am a financial contributor to the Judicial Watch organization.}

    • Dear CNR,

      How long has this charade been going on? Anyone who knows anything about electronic data knows that the data can be retrieved unless the drives have been destroyed. That is why the destruction of Lois Lerner’s drives were so important. What I am amazed at is that there has been no real uproar about those.

      But I guess that contributes to your lack of trust in our government. The most transparent administration in the history of the world.

      Good thing tat Tom Fitton does not give up.

  2. On the campaign trail, Hillary claims she willingly surrendered her emails. No no no, that’s another lie. She was trying very hard NOT to release them. Judicial Watch had to force her to release them. My bet is, the feds will hold off releasing them to the right people who could have her in jail before her attempts to compete in the Presidential election.
    All right thinking Americans should vote, and vote for Trump, or whoever the Republican nominee is.

  3. I think that Hillary is playing a very dangerous game. It is pretty well established that she mishandled very important and classified government documents. It also appears that she sold influence to foreign governments, and others, while she was in the office of Secretary of State. Her only hope of evading prosecution for these crimes will be if she can get herself elected to the presidency of the United States, which doesn’t look to be all that promising. For her own safety, she should get together with Obama and enter into a deal where she pleads guilty to any and all charges that may be leveled against her and then have Obama pardon her while he is still in office. She would not be able to become president but at least she would not spend the rest of her life in prison. Otherwise, I believe that if a Republican should become the next president, Hillary and all of her cohorts, and quite possibly Obama himself may face criminal prosecutions for their illegal acts while holding public office. But who knows?

    • Dear Jim,

      Put very simply, I think that you are wrong regardless of who is elected. I am also suffering from a naivete that led me to believe that right is right and wrong is wrong. I am no longer that naive.

      I believe that she will skate no matter who is elected. I hope that I am wrong.

    • Remember, it was Hillary who dug up Obama’s real birth certificate and can still come out with the original discoveries. She has copies of documents such as college applications were Obama submitted his real birth certificate as a foreign student with his application to Occidental College. Those have yet to be made public but Hillary has copies he got before those cases were sealed.

      Don’t forget, Hillary was originally a Goldwater Girl, a conservative before she became a convert of Saul Alinsky and wrote him so many opining letters, copies of are in the public domain. – Here is but one of the weaker links for you to check out.


    • Jim, one of my greatest hopes in life is too see this homo and the people who covered for her including Obama will be brought to court and tell their side of the story.Let the chips fall.

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