Breaking: Trump Threatens To Reveal Saudi Arabia’s Involvement In 9/11 Attacks

Breaking: Trump Threatens To Reveal Saudi Arabia’s Involvement In 9/11 Attacks

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump made a blockbuster promise yesterday in South Carolina: Trump says he will finally reveal 28 pages of the 9/11 report spotlighting Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the evil attacks that killed over 3,000 Americans.

The documents have been kept secret from Americans for over a decade…

According to Real Clear Politics:

“At a Wednesday morning campaign event in Bluffton, SC, Donald Trump takes his relitigation of the Bush administration’s record on 9/11 and Iraq to the next level, seeming to imply that we don’t currently know who “really” committed the 9/11 attacks.

Trump says if he is elected: “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”

“It wasn’t the Iraqis,” he explained. “You may find it’s the Saudis.”

“They have papers in there that are very secret,” he also said, referencing the 28 still-classified pages of the 9/11 commission report. “But you will find out.”

The article then quotes Trump.

DONALD TRUMP:  “We went after Iraq, they did not knock down the World Trade Center. It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center, we went after Iraq, we decimated the country, Iran’s taking over, okay.

But it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center. Because they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out.

But when I look at a guy like Lindsey Graham, you’ll end up being over in that war forever, you’ll start World War Three.”




  1. My son served in Iraq and I already knew that Iraq wasn’t responsible. Then president Bush sent my son in harms way over a lie along with thousands of other young men and women. He had them on a wild goose chase after something that never existed. That country never had weapons of mass destruction. It was all about the oil.

    • That statement is so factually dishonest. Of course there were weapons of mass destruction. We captured many tons of chemical weapons. We have several army battalions that were exposed to chemical attacks during invasion and lasting into 2006. CIA had an active program of buying chemical weapons in Iraq to get them off the street. Even the intensely liberal NY Times has reported on Iraq’s chemical weapons. Hussein used chemical weapons against the Kurdish population of Iraq. He allowed AQ to exercise control in northern Iraq to control Kurds. ISIS is currently using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

      • Bush took off the lid that Saddam kept on Isis. Now the bees (Isis) are running wild. Bush was wrong to have involved us in Iraq. So many vets were injured, or killed, because GW got us involved in Iraq. Bush gave out misleading information.

        • I do not agree. I think that Bush worked from incorrect information, which was the best info available at the time. I think that the worst you can say about Bush vis-a-vis the Iraq war is that Bush relied on the wrong info, or the wrong expert advice.

          • Doesn’t it seem strange that certain media outlets can find people, example Shawn Penn’s interview, but the United States with all its intelligence capabilities can’t provide Bush/ Chaney with tthe correct information. Doesn’t that seem funny/unusual? It sure does to me.

            When I lived in Bolivia I knew that the dictator made the country function. Shouldn’t somebody have known that removing Saddam, or going into Iraq, would cause massive problems? Problems that it would take generations to solve, right?

            I’ve got to believe that those in authority either knew about the problems or Bush/Chaney had incompetent people they trusted. Which was it?

          • I do not know. But nobody can realistically allege that Bush purposely led the country into the war unless he truly believed that Saddam had and would use the WMD’s. It is a sad fact that Bush was provided with bad info and that it is easy to be a “Sunday Morning Quarterback”, like you.

            If Bush is to be faulted at all and I believe he is, it is for the fact Bush violated the Constitution, by not asking Congress for a Declaration of War. If Congress was asked its opinion, perhaps there would never have been an Iraq War.

          • You don’t seem to understand how advanced our intelligence agencies are. You definitely don’t realize that Congress was asked about Bush using force in Iraq. Haven’t you heard Sanders say that he voted not to use force in Iraq but Clinton voted to use force in Iraq?
            We aren’t in the cowboy and Indian days. We really don’t depend on smoke signals. Yet you still believe Bush didn’t have the information the United states needed. Do you really think Bush didn’t know that removing Saddam would create even more problems?
            This whole mess smells of the powerful military complex telling Bush what to do. Wars/battles make various corporations a lot of money, right?
            I am not arm chair quarterbacking anything. I knew having lived in Bolivia in the late 1970ies that some countries need a dictator. So why didn’t Bush know? Did he listen to the people in the field in Iraq? How come Sanders knew?

          • I understand that we may have had the intelligence. But it was still the province of the President to review the information and take action. I am convinced that he did this in good faith and made the wrong decision. It is clear looking back that Saddam was the best person to rule Iraq at that time, but it was in no way apparent in the months before his defeat and death.

            As a libertarian, I can tell you that my view was to leave the situation to those countries and leaders involved, but I still struggled with the thought that Saddam was being an SOB and deserved whatever would happen to him. I was chagrinned that the US was involved in a war which was none of our business, but at the same time glad that Saddam was deposed.

            As for Bernie, he also knew that the US had no business interfering in a matter of little, or no, concern to the US. In that respect he was a libertarian. However, he was ineffectual in using his influence on the President and his Congressional colleagues to get the policy changed. Too bad and it shows his lack of leadership abilities.

            As for the vaunted “military complex” you and others refer to, that is pure BS. The “military complex” does not act and has never acted as a cohesive force to sway government policy. The so-called “MC” is a fraud phrase used by liberal pols to sway public opinion, but it does not exist as a lobby.

          • I have a good friend in Las Vegas who is a Libertarian. He wanted badly to have Paul as the next President. Paul just could not get any traction. Paul would have been a good President.

            We’ll have to agree to disagree about the “military complex.” Over my 71 years I’ve come to the realization that corporations connected with the military have everything to gain by conflicts/wars.

            I am far from a conspiracy nut. But what else would sway someone to act the way the US does? Here is an example that doesn’t deal with the military and why I feel large corporations rule.
            Obamacare: The Kennedy liberals, on one of the Sunday morning talk shows, said the insurace companies got everything they wanted when the bill was written. Today the insurance companies are making record profits.

            Then there is Huckabee that told his audience that the insurance companies, this is before the bill passed, will lose big if Obamacare was to passed. Thonk about it. Why would the corporations that helped build the country be on the losing end?

          • You are so brain washed……….Saudi and Bush wanted Iraq De-stabilized…Sadam was a threat to the Saudi royal family. 9/11 was a way to push the US to take out Sadam as the hired bully of Saudia Arabia. PERIOD.

          • Thanks for confirming what I’d told you. Finally you understand. It took you awhile. Bush, as I’d said and you confirmed it, was so guilty. He sold us a line of BS. At first you believed his BS.

            Saudi was also involved. Involved big time.

          • yes, it is also my well founded belief that Mossad was acting in concert with the Saudi Royal Family. It is a fact that even now the Saudi and Israeli militaries are working joint operations. The 9/11 success cemented their relationship.

          • Your right. It’s sad how corrupt people are. I think we all know now that someone told Bush/Channey what to do. They saluted and told the American people whatever they wanted. The same goes with Obama.

            Take Obamacare. The insurance companies are making huge profits. They got, as the Kennedy liberals said, everything they wanted.

            Big business rules. When they want wars/conflicts/tragedies they get them.

      • Thank you someone of reason. This guy is mental case. No way we can let this but near the WH, he makes Obama look good

      • Since the end of the major conflict in Iraq, over 400 US troops have been exposed to nerve agents – that is documented. You never heard a word about it from the media, as it would contradict the mantra that there were no WMD’s. Artillery shells with nerve agents continue to turn up today, and our few people who are still there continue to be at risk from what did not exist.

        While most of the gas inventory was buried in the desert, much was hauled to Syria. The bulk of the nuclear weapons stuff was flown to Syria. (Saddam’s Secrets, Sada, 2006)

        So, yes, there were indeed WMD’s, not so much nuclear, but huge amounts of nerve and other gas agents, mostly but not all in artillery rounds.

    • Your right. Bush wanted to finish something his father was prevented from doing. So he sent troops to a place that wasn’t responsible for 9/11. Sad.

        • The truth hurts doesn’t it. To think when I was drafted people fought for your right to make ridiculous comments. I am no more a liberal, or member of a commie party, than you are. In fact I’m very conservative but a realist.

    • U support wacka doodle? We went into Afghanistan over trade centers, are u trumpbots that stupid, have to be to believe one word of this but, do u not see he will say anything. DOJ should bring him in if he has held evidence back, that is called obstruction. He needs handcuffed and put in padded room. Even MSM his buddies have to be shaking their heads over this one

  2. So Donald is exposing new info on 9/11! He is a truther on 9/11 0 is not the President and he is going to help Killary get elected and go after UFO’s!! Trump is full of crap and conning the people!!! He wants to be President for EGO and NOTHING ELSE!!!! Please listen to what he babbles and TRY to find SOMETHING with ANY consistency or ACTUAL PLAN other than “I won’t say now but TRUST ME I will do it”!!!!Unless some one doesn’t agree then he will CRY WWWAAAAA!!!! They are not FAIR TO ME!!!!!

      • Hey…Gail…THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT Ddenney1 is SAYING !!!
        You should watch a video where Jackie Gleason on “The Honeymooners” @ their kitchen table “REACT” to TRUMP’S
        rhetoric BABBLING…LMAO !!!

      • Well tell us his great plans then. Look little girl go back to your spring breaks your drinking and BLM protest and let grown ups elect someone not mentally unstable as trumpompa. Did you hear him on msnbc I could not stop laughing at such a moron would get on tv and act so stupid. I pray DOJ visits him

        • People like you Should not be allowed to vote! Look at yourself. You have nothing to contribute to conversation! You come on here and just talk s*** to everybody! You’re the one that needs to grow up! In fact what you really need is to have your mouth slapped a few times to you learn how to talk to people

    • Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis.
      I believe your head is full of crap and you are unable to think for yourself.

    • Your wrong. Period. Trump wants the best for the country. You need to take time to listen to what he says. Quite listening to the talking heads who don’t have a clue.

      • He is MSM darling, they are laughing so hard at him, they could not have written better, I am an idiot script. They fight over who gets him first, and take bets on who’s show he will be the most insane or say the most or make stupidest statement. If u vote for such a moron u need help

  3. Never know what really happens in this country. So many lies. When Trump becomes President things will definitely. I don’t think anyone can push him or hide facts from him.

  4. Our relationship with Muslim Countries like Saudi Arabia need to be re-addressed. They are not a true ally and do not share our values.

    • So bring oil to rock bottom does not help us, them cutting the heads off people that support Isis and Iran does not help us, them putting millions of dollars in American workers over there does not help us. Them letting us set up air bases does not help us. Get your head out of trumps butt and let grown ups talk issues

  5. There he goes again…..Trumpeting things he has no knowledge of. Marco Rubio is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and has knowledge on Trump’s Lies. Here is an Entertainer who couldn’t even answer Foreign Affairs questions in the Debates.

  6. Lyndsay Graham is a Retired US Navy Judge, and US Senator who knows 500% more then Trump on Foreign Affairs.

    • Lindsay Graham is a war monger who does not support Christians who are being killed with the help of arms and munitions he, McCain and Obama pushed through to send to support the socalled “moderate Muslims” in Syria. The Christians are being killed there and forced out of their ancient homeland as a result. Graham knows only how to promote senseless war.

      • Obama allowed ISIS to Rape 12 Year Old Christian Girls, Torture, Crucify, and Be-Head 1,000,000,000 Assyrian Christians including Women, and Children. McCain, and Graham wanted to work with the Moderate Muslims to attack ISIS who need to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

        • Hahaha and u think trump can stop this. U are in lala land, the guy is as unstable as Isis. He is a danger to the country. Everyone running is for keeping Muslims out, differents is they started the fight with Obama months before orange face got in

  7. This guy real Wacka_doodle. To me what he is saying he has held back evidence and I think congress should bring him in or at least FBI talk to him. Here is the other thing wacka doodle guy is missing out in left field, we went into Afghanistan over trade centers and Iraq over WMD’s and power build up he would invade again. Someone has to get this guy some mental help

    • Trump is not dangerous–he is brave. He is neither a “D” or a “R”–is is an “A”–for American.. Go Trump. You have been listening to slick politicians so long you can’t tell the difference. Do you think Patton or MacArthur was dangerous too?

  8. Trump is right. I read a book a year or so by Sibel Edmonds–she was a translator during the 9/11 episode. Her book confirms there was information preceding 9/11 that was brushed off. Someone sent me the following link with court transcripts from Massaoui’s trial. It is very detailed about all the obstruction encountered during the Bush administration from Ashcroft, Bush (also detailed in the book I read) and Mueller.

  9. 17 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabian nationals. HELLO?! We need to go over there, extricate every woman of any age and bring them here for freedom, nuke the “kingdom” into oblivion and take the oil. Period, the end. Vote Trump if you have ANY American patriotism!

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