Trump Holds Large Lead In Latest New Hampshire Poll

Trump Holds Large Lead In Latest New Hampshire Poll


The latest poll from New Hampshire shows GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump is headed to a double-digit victory in the New Hampshire primary.

According to The Hill:

“Trump owns a 21-point edge over the Republican White House hopefuls in the latest University of Massachusetts-Lowell/7 News survey.The outspoken billionaire has the support of 34 percent of the Granite State’s Republican-leaning voters, pollsters found.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, meanwhile, are tied for second with 13 percent apiece. Jeb Bush and John Kasich then have a deadlock of their own, with each candidate earning 10 percent.

Chris Christie rounds out the top five in the GOP field, garnering 5 percent voter support in the early voting state.”



  1. I still do not trust Microsoft and believe they are giving votes to Rubio well known as the Republican Obama and not in just policies.

  2. we have pretty boy Rubio, Mamma’s boy Bush, Canadian born Cruz, do you know what I did in OHIO Kasich, Beginning to like Christie for VEEP Ben Carson for Secretary of Health and human resources and of course Donald Trump for president= He IS the only one capable of turning all obama’s crap around and make America proud and great again. Boy do we need that. I don’t worry about me its my kids and grandchildren I’m worried about with this madman in the white house.

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